All the banking features you need.

Receiving and spending money through your organization have never been easier.

Unlimited debit cards

You and your team get unlimited debit cards to spend the money you raise to better you nonprofit!

501(c)(3) Status
(tax-deductible donations)

Get 501(‏‏‎c)(3) status for your organization and get tax-deductible donations from donors!

Custom fundraising platform

Use Fundsy's customizable fundraising platform at to raise money!

Real-time Transactions

View real-time transactions of your spendings and donations.

Team member friendly

Add your team members to your Fund! Team members can add other users, create cards, view transactions, and more!

Donations from other apps

Receive donations from apps like PayPal and Venmo when you use Fundsy's external app integrations!

Frequently asked questions

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How does Fundsy  provide fiscal sponsorship?

Fundsy is partnered with an incubator nonprofit organization to provide fiscal sponsorship. Users can see the legal fiscal sponsorship confirmation and signed agreement through the Fundsy app.

How is Fundsy unique from other banking competitors?

Fundsy provides financial services that enable organizations to manage their finances extremely easily. We do this by taking care of any legal or financial requirements that nonprofit organizations would have to complete on their own, which is especially helpful for novel organizations.

What would violate Fundsy's contract agreements?

If an organization decides to spend its money on entities that are not directly related to its mission, their organization will be immediately suspended. They will lose the nonprofit status. Not only will they be violating Fundsy's terms and conditions, they will also be going against the federal law.

What are prerequisites for creating an organization through Fundsy?

The users must reside in the United States, and they must be at least thirteen years old to use Fundsy app.

How does Fundsy promote credibility?

Since organizations under Fundsy will be fiscally sponsored, donors can get tax deductions and see the recipient organization's transactions with transparency to ensure credibility.