We drive community progress.

By supporting existing and new organizations that are dedicated to make the community a better place, Fundsy aims to create a world where anyone feels like they have the tools needed to change their community for the better.

Raised through Fundsy

Fundsy's incredible fundraising features have given the tools needed for nonprofits from Lebanon to London to raise funds for their operations.

Organizations & Users

Over 150+ nonprofits use Fundsy to fundraise, manage money, and focus on what matters most: their mission.

Largest donation under Fundsy.

The record single-transaction donation given to an organization under Fundsy, through Fundsy, was $20,000.

How It Started

First started as an initiative to provide easier banking tools for student-led nonprofit organizations, Fundsy has gained rapid users and demonstrated interests from minors and adults.

Having come from vastly diverse backgrounds and experiences, the three of us had different reasons for why we wanted to make this app. However, there was one thing we all shared: the desire to change the world for the better. The current political, economic, and environmental climate has motivated us to use our advanced computer programming skills for the better. We wanted to do something extravagant, something that people would doubt that three high school students could do. Instead of looking outside, we looked within.

The Founders

Shrey Gupta
Eric Lee
Bardia Safari